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Ritchie Technologies Pty Ltd (Rtec™) is a research and development company dedicated to the innovation and development of new technology in the plastic recycling industry. 

Its founders are Dr. William Ritchie, a former research scientist with a PhD in molecular science and Mr Michael Ritchie who has an experience of over 30 years in the Australian plastic recycling industry.

We provide a full spectrum of innovations in plastic waste solutions from aggregation and processing through to manufacturing of recycled products.

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Plastic pollution is an escalating global problem, it is an emerging human health issue and an environmental disaster. Current recycling rates only account for a small proportion of plastic waste recovered. However, recycling is a critical and major component of any viable solution landscape, with tremendous scope for improvement.

We provide innovative and cost-effective plastic recycling solutions within the plastic waste industry that lead to diversification of recycled plastic markets, increase demand and use of recycled plastic products and ultimately, reduce consumption of virgin plastics and plastic pollution.

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Our technologies are designed to benefit both public and private sector organisations and processors associated with plastic waste management and recycling. This primarily comprises aggregators,
transporters and recyclers/manufacturers of plastic waste. Entities such as local government (councils), the agricultural sector, garden supplies and hardware retailers, local businesses, public and private companies will all form the customer base for recycled plastic products.

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Managing Director & Principle Innovator

William Ritchie is a former research scientist who holds a PhD in molecular science and is the principal innovator and inventor of Rtec’s melting technology. William has worked in various industries as a private consultant specialising in commercial product concept design, testing and development.


Managing Director

With a background in transport and logistics, Michael brings over 30 years experience in the plastic recycling industry. Michael’s experience in plastic recycling spans the full spectrum of plastic recycling in Australia from aggregation and processing to product manufacture.

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